Founded in 2006, HorizonLine Publishing LLC publishes parenting and educational books and materials that help families make connections everyday. The name HorizonLine symbolizes one of the great connections in the world: the connection between the sky and the sea that forms the horizon line. We hope our materials become resources for your family as you travel through life’s grand adventures and make a myriad of connections along the way.

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Click here for information about our new book, The Parent-Child Book Club: Connecting With
Your Kids Through Reading,
by Melissa Stoller & Marcy Winkler.

The only book geared to children ages 4-9 and their families, this comprehensive resource will provide families with informative and creative ideas for fostering connections through reading and discussing books in a parent-child book club. Readers will learn how to choose stimulating books and craft thoughtful discussion questions, create art and science projects and other enrichment activities, and lead the book club meetings. The book contains 20 “Book Club Model Guides” that set forth everything the reader needs to run successful meetings. This informative how-to-guide has been thoroughly researched and tested by the authors, a freelance writer and a research librarian, who currently run 3 parent-child book clubs. Buy The Parent-Child Book Club: Connecting With Your Kids Through Reading to start your family book club experience today.

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